Q: How far is Philmont (Cimarron, NM) from Birmingham?

A: 1200 miles one way.


Q: Where is USS Yorktown? Port/Harbor/City/State?  

A: Charleston Harbor, SC


Q: How many hiking trails are there at Shiloh Military Park? 

A: 10 trails.


Q: Where is Buck's Pocket State Park? How far it is away from Birmingham (what direction and distance)? 

A: It is about 100 miles North East of Birmingham off I-59.


Q: Who was in the news? What was it about?

A: W. Henson Eagle Project church signs stolen. www.al.com


Q : Which two scouts went to the Nendawen Journey in July 2007?

A: P. Kidd & M. Phillips


Q : Grimes Canoe Base is on which river?

A: It is on the Buffalo River, TN


Q: When and where is the next OA Ordeal?  

A: Aug 10-12 @Camp Sequoyah


Q: At Summer Camp, what is Troop 21's camp site name?  

A: Cherokee Point


Q: Who did what again.

A: X. Guo competed at the national Mathcount in Ft. Worth, Texas . (from Hoover News)



Q: Do you know the New Patrol name for the new scouts?

A: Penguins


Q: He did it again. Which Boy Scout from our troop was in the news (this time in Math contest)? 

A: X. Guo. (from Hoover News)


Q: Which city dignitary came to the Pack 321 Pinewood Derby? Was he a Boy Scout? 

A: The Mayor Petelos(from Hoover News). He was a Boy Scout up until he was age 16.


Q: Which scout from our troop was recognized on the newspaper last week as a spelling bee? 

A: X. Guo. (from Hoover News)



Q: Which leader from our troop was recognized at the District Award Banquet?

A: Mr. R. Griffith. He is the Cub Master of  Pack 321 and ASM of Troop 21.


Q: What is Wood Badge? When & where was it first held?

A: Wood Badge is the capstone training course for all Scouters. Lord Baden-Powell,the founder of Scouting, directed the first WOOD BADGE course in 1919. It was held at Gilwell Park in Epping Forest outside London, England.


The Practical Training phase consists of 2 three day weekends during which you'll learn while role-playing as a member of a Cub Scout pack and Boy Scout troop, and observing a Venturing Crew.


The Application phase is an 18 month period immediately following the Practical Training phase, during which you'll apply what you learned to improve yourself and Scouting


Q: What date was Shiloh Military Park established?

A: Congress established Shiloh National Military Park on December 27, 1894 to commemorate the April 6-7, 1862 battle that raged around Shiloh Church and Pittsburg Landing.


Q: Number of casualty inflicted in the Battle of Shiloh?

A: On April 6-7, 1862 battle that raged around Shiloh Church and Pittsburg Landing producing 23,746 casualties out of 109,784 men engaged, the battle was the largest engagement in the Mississippi Valley campaign during the Civil War.